Individual Therapy

Everybody faces obstacles in life – internally or externally driven – that prevent them from feeling happy or effective at work or in relationships. I will help you identify self-defeating behavior patterns, and relevant family-of-origin history to develop insight and to challenge old ways of thinking.  Together we will work toward changing the narrative, and help pave the way for a more rewarding life.

Couples Counseling


I believe that strengthening bonds between partners leads to greater personal security, and a happier, healthier family life. My couples work is informed by Emotionally Focused Therapy, created by Dr. Sue Johnson.  The focus is on attachment injuries that emerge in adult relationships when core needs for secure connection have not been adequately met. My work is dynamic and educative, both in the “here and now” and re-visiting the past.


Sex Therapy

Having a healthy and satisfying sex life is part of the “glue” that holds couples together. My work is informed by the work of Dr. Suzanne Iasenza, with a focus on sexuality in couples, including same-sex partners. My work is educative, dynamic, and engaging, focusing on current dynamics and past influences.

Divorce Support 

Sometimes a marriage needs to end.  When a couple decides to split up, there is an immediate period of instability and difficulty like no other in life, except for the loss of a loved one. It is like a death.  Knowing there are predictable stages and challenges, I will guide you through this all-too-common rite of passage as you make changes in your life. I can work with you and your partner together through this time, individually, or have you join my group where we offer support and guidance.

Divorce Support Group:  Divorce: Coming Uncoupled Without Coming Apart.

We will address:

  • The initial crisis 
  • Communicating with children, friends and family
  • Sharing resources to help navigate and connect with others during this time of immense change and stress.